Film: 1642

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Electrical Generation 1940's

Pistons of static engine turning, locomotive, ship at sea, water wheel at a mill, generator with fly wheel turning, man strokes boiler, steam engine, housewife vacuums her living room with a hoover, barber cuts hair with electric razor, electrical generator and outside a pylon, woman with excellent very high 1940's hairstyle picks up phone, switches on lamp, and turns on electric fire while reading. Diagrams of principles of electricity and magnetic coil, boy sitting on floor demonstrates with string and a small lamp in a circuit, volt meter, getting more voltage by use of magnets, lots of shots of electrical generators, woman irons in the kitchen next to the cooker, she switches off the iron at wall switch. Power station, small, pylons to houses and industry, smoky chimneys and polluted city shots, interiors of clean looking power station.

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