Film: 1643

Media | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Fleet Street and newspapers 1930's

An advertisement for the Leader newspaper detailing how the newspaper is printed and delivered, based in Fleet Street. Emphasizing the many competitions to be won in the newspaper and the speed with which it is produced.
A printing press is in operation, it gives way to a view of Fleet Street. A Samuel Temple Printer's truck is parked on a busy street, St Paul's can be seen in the distance. Shots of the Daily Express and Daily Telegraph building exteriors. A truck carrying printing paper turns a corner as newspaper delivery vans pull away from the kerb. The busy editorial staff are gathered around a table, they are required to be 'quick but accurate'. One of the editors places his copy in a canister and sends it down a shoot. The operator in the Linotype room checks it before it is taken to a room where men in two lines are typing copy. The machine indents each letter onto sticks of solid lead and they pour out of the machine in the right order. Cuts to the 'composing table', workers arrange these leaden lines into paragraphs and columns. The lines are quickly clamped into a wooden frame known as the 'form'. The form is checked and two men place it into a press, putting paper over it to protect it first. The form is now carried to the 'moulding room' where it is to be curved to fit into the rotary press. The lead is hammered down and special paper is placed over the lead type. It is then inserted into a moulding press. A man checks the special stiff paper when it comes out the other side. This is the matrix, it is then placed into a hollow metal semi-cylinder and clamped in. Metal is poured in and a plate is formed. The plate is trimmed by a machine to rid it of any excess metal. A jet spray squirts the concave side of the semi-cylinder containing the print type. An operator trims the edges of the plate by hand. The semi-cylinders are now packed in order into a machine. Each one is a separate newspaper page. The machine is turned on, an alarm sounds and the mechanism starts moving. A close-up of the operating machine is shown, the papers run through it and come off the press. It is the Leader - 'a great national paper'. The newspapers move along a conveyor belt to the despatch room. Men tie them up in bundles and they are sent down a shoot where the delivery drivers retrieve them. The advertisement on the van reads 'The Leader solves all competitions, buy it and profit by it', ' third largest sale of any national weekly, the popular home journal'. The van arrives at the train station where the bundles are loaded onto trolleys in the semi-darkness. It is now past midnight. The bundles are loaded by railway staff onto the luggage vans. The train leaves the station in the darkness. Cuts to a newspaper stand in daylight, it is surrounded by advertisements for the paper's competitions. A woman buys the paper. Another woman sits on a park bench. The headline on her paper reads 'Revolting seaside peepshows'. A man leaves a shop owned by 'R Davis' reading the Leader, the voice over tells us about readers who have won prizes recently. An old man with a pint of beer or ale sits outside a country pub reading the Leader.

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