Film: 1644

Industry + Work | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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General Strike of 1926 General shots of crowds and demonstrators with large banners.

Woman on platform speaks to the crowd. And then another woman and man on soap box.

Men entering 10 Downing Street with photographers hanging around outside.

An old gramophone player sits on a table of someone's flat.
Another man on soapbox talks to union men, brief shot of coal mining wheel.

Down by River Thames? Hundreds of small boats manned by middle classes, taking people across the river. Also men dressed in suits digging coal and putting it in containers. Men in trilby hats stand outside Downing Street, and more reporters and police.
1'45 soldier stands guard with a rifle at train depot, then cargo being lifted from ship and loads of lorries taking supplies along road. Loads of milk churns stand on road near to what looks like Marble Arch. And then loaded onto lorry.
Men seen constructing temporary huts in a London park. More men emerge from Downing Street, then Stanley Baldwin seen in back garden walking towards camera, reading.
Now looks like South Wales valleys, depressed street, men standing around on the streets.
3'28 Crowds outside Downing Street, and then press seen running whilst police hold back crowds.

Tents taken down in a park, women loading things into lorries.
Two large chimneys in industrial landscape, men sit on a slag heap. Coal put into sacks.

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