Film: 1645

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland 1930's

Intertitle : " A convenient centre for the Scottish tourist is Gleneagles Hotel, one of the finest in Europe ". Gleneagles train station. Panning shot of the exterior of the hotel. Panning shot of interior of the hotel including restaurant. Swimming pool.
Intertitle : "Set amidst magnificent scenery, the hotel is surrounded by charming gardens" A young valet walks towards the golf course.
Intertitle - "The celebrated golf courses adjoin the Hotel." The club house golf course. Slow motion shot of a man teeing off. Short sequences of the golf course with players negotiating them.
Intertitle - "All three courses are popular and the surrounding scenery is unrivalled". Golf course green. Short film showing off the facilities available to guests at the Gleneagles Hotel in the 1930s

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