Film: 1646

Politics | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The Irish Rebellion of 1919. Black and Tans in training and on patrol in Ireland.

Long shot of street, probably Dublin. Policeman armed with rifle talks to woman in hat and coat, with stole. Two other armed policemen walk by and old woman in shawl passes the other way. Policeman and woman spot camera and cheerily look that way. Two armed policeman, one in cape, outside gate of business. They exchange words with older man, with club foot and walking stick. A number of armed British soldiers in helmets facing camera around what looks like a horse-drawn food wagon. Young man with bicycle standing in front of smouldering ruins of cottage. Lines of Black and Tans standing to attention, being presented to unknown civilian male and officers. He stops to talk to one of the troops then shown speaking to all troops on parade ground waving walking stick in determined fashion. Five black and tans at pistol practice. Shooting, reloading then advancing and shooting. Two civilians with dogs, making them sniff a man’s cap. Five armed Black and Tans in the background. Officer joins two dog handlers and points away. Dogs, officer, handler and Black and Tans move off. Motorised stationary open topped vehicle, containing driver and eight Black and Tans. Officer, pistol in hand on ground at rear. Civilian and rifle-carrying policeman join officer. Civilian climbs aboard lorry amongst soldiers. Officer heads towards driver. View from the other side of barbed wire fences of interned IRA terrorists and the huts of camp. Some can be seen kicking a football. Terrorists standing to attention as another two marching columns join them. Seaside picture, civilians. Then newspapers being taken off the press. Stacked and bundled by male workers. Outdoor crowd scene in Whitehall with police holding lines. Cameramen can be seen with equipment. Taxi arrives at 10 Downing Street. Policeman opens door and Erskine Childers in white trilby and walking stick steps out, followed by another member of the Irish delegation then Eamon de Valera. Police holding crowd back, with female Irish sympathisers on knees. Press men can be seen then close up of women, holding picture of de Valera. A bespectacled de Valera climbs into back of car, which has its hood down. Car moves off, then shot of craning crowd waving hats. Covered car, then passes by them. Some Irish tricolours can be seen being waved by some of the crowd. Newspapers bundled, being removed from conveyor belt, either The Times or The Irish Times, as sign can be seen. Workers tying them then stacking them. Delivery man shown removing papers from back of outdoor chute and loading in back of lorry.

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