Film: 1659

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Children and mother from Swiss village, Switzerland, visit father and eldest son who are tending their cows on the higher pastures 1940's

Contents - Moving shot of mountains. Mountain railway shot from above. Train at station. Tourists disembarking from train. Boy pushing handcart (with luggage on it) through village street. Boy and girl sitting on fence watching passers by. Men at tables, outside café, drinking coffee. Children visit: Swiss wood carver's shop - carvings of William Tell, animals (cows), cuckoo clocks. Swiss houses with mountains in background (low angled shot). Old man spreading freshly cut grass. Children and old man (grandfather) talk. Children excited. Interior of family home - mother stokes fire, takes joint of bacon that is hanging from ceiling. Lunchtime - children sit at table, mother joins them, they eat and drink. External shots of upper pastures. Man (father) tends cows and pours milk into urns. Man (eldest son) puts enormous bale of hay on his back and carries it away. External shot of mountain hut. Internal shot of man making cheese in traditional way. Pours milk into cauldron over fire, adds liquid to make it curdle, removes cheese, presses it to remove liquid. External shot of children and mother packing up supplies. High angled shots of the three walking up hill side. High angled shot of village at bottom of valley. The three walking through forest paths. The three sitting on grass with mountains in background. Close up of the bottom of the girl's hob-nailed boots. Shots of mountains. Shots of hay harvesting (all manual). Two men with …… on their backs near mountain hut. Family are reunited. Father removes provisions from large basket. Family picnic with mountains in background. Close up of each family member eating.

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