Film: 1662

Science | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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A film that looks forward to the seventies to predict what new inventions will be reproduced by the decade. Pop band, Flaming Youth singing, 'Guide me Orion', drummer in group is Phil Collins 1970's

Man in suit, Roger Cook, on 'Tomorrow's World' style television set pick up hand held air gun that will, during the 1970s, be used to inject, painlessly, a vaccine under the skin that will cure the common cold. The same man uses a tiny cordless telephone that picks up vibrations from the jaw bone (as the caller speaks) and transmits this to a circuit built into the house itself. Man opens microwave oven. House hold entertainment system, a record player, a tape player and recorder and a video player and recorder. Large balls on sticks that the voice over states are radio receivers and a slim television (that could be 'hung on a wall like a picture'). Hover-trains, a model of a train being tested that when developed would travel at 200 mph on concrete rails suspended across the country. Diagramatic cross-section of hover-train. Small motor boat at sea with family on board. The boat is said to be unsinkable bacause of the polyurethane foam which is pumped, under pressure, into the space caused by the water-tight double hull. The boat in the factory followed, again, by the boat at sea. Yacht being pulled on trailer by Land Rover along a road on a sea front. Men looking at plans of yacht as it is pulled into yard. Interor of yacht, cooker that pulls into place, toilet, sinks, sleeping places. Fibre glass dinghy or sail boat being taken out of the back of a van on a beach. Sail is raised. The dinghy at sea. A new boat, the 21 General, being tested at sea. Made of fibre glass. In workshop with the boat. The Racho 31, a yacht, in workshop, its interior and then the yacht at sea with a smiling crew. Male teenager in hospital bed being attached, by a nurse, to a kidney machine. Blood travelling from patient's leg into kidney machine for cleaning. Voice over explains how the kidney machine works. Patient being disconnected from machine. The kidney machine being cleaned with scrubbing brush and sterilizing fluid. The machine being reassembled. Cheap disposable dialysis machine required, one has been developed at Leeds University,Yorkshire. Shots of technician at Leeds dismantling the new kidney machine and disposing of the elements that clean the blood. More shots of 'Guide me Orion' sung by Flaming Youth.

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