Film: 1664

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


North Korea, 1950's.

Ordinary life for the average North Korean just after the Korean War. School life. A Child works at a shoe shine. Children in the rain beg in the street as people with umbrellas walk by. Outside the cinema on a busy north Korean city. At night the streets are busy with beggars looking for scraps. Mr Kim runs an orphanage - he was a champion boxer but now he rescues orphan children. Three small boys are taken to the orphanage in the night. The boys get a hair cut. He is given supplies and working with Save the Children so they get new clothes. The children laugh with happiness at their new clothes as they dress themselves - probably because they are western style clothes. Blankets and food arrive at the orphanage. The classroom with a women teacher showing them a map of Korea.

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