Film: 1675

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Laying an oil pipeline over the English Channel in the later days of World War Two. Making a huge long pipe. Laying the pipe at sea using a huge drum. 'Pluto' 1940's

Film of laying the first oil pipeline in the Bristol channel. Flexible pipe is reeled up out of a large drum onto a ship. Laying the test pipeline across the Bristol Channel. Making the special flexible pipe out of thin fibres. The pipe is coated with a liquid, possibly tar. A man and woman look at the quality of the pipe. One man welds the pipe together. On a storage stairs a man puts one end of the pipe on the bottom step and the whole line of pipe rolls down with a wave going from one end to the other. The pipe is wound on a huge spool or drum. The pool on a boat slowly unwinding. One drum being towed as it unwinds in the sea. The pipe goes up the beach. Soldiers pull on the pipe. A crane lifts regular pipe for overland extensions. 20 pipelines laid, 5 to Cherbourg and 15 to Boulogne. Securing a connection in the pipeline. Laying the pipe. Sparks fly everywhere as a fitting is welded. A petrol stop. Lines of pipe laid out in ditches. Pumping stations in England, specially camouflaged, one as 'Brown's Golf Course' and 'Brown's Ice Cream' . Pumping engines working. Trucks and cars driving across a pontoon bridge. Trucks moving across a field shooting flame.

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