Film: 1677

Industry + Work | 1970 | Silent | B/W


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Oil exploration in probably Iran 1910's

Sand dunes of the desert. Arab man crouches and scoops the oil from a pond where it is naturally bubbling to the surface. He piles a tar substance into a sack. A European man smoking a pipe, dressed in a suit using a theodolite or other levelling or surveying equipment. Arab workers dig the earth with large shovels. An early oil derrick or rig in construction. Two Arabs turn the oil drill manually. A pumping oil drill. A drill site in the desert. A letter indicates that this is the British exploring for oil or petrol in Iran as early as 1910. an oil fire in the desert. Shots of movie cameras turning. The front cover of 'A Great Adventure, The Romance of Persian Oil', by Wickham Steed. An exploration team on mules with native workers carrying equipment. Another shot of man with theodolite. Stills of middle eastern man, possibly Shah of Iran or Persia from the early twentieth century. Winston Churchill, battleships at sea, a battleship taking on fuel, probably World War One, an oil derrick, activity around the rig with European men in pith helmets, Arab workers around an oil rig, around 1910. Oil fires. A still of a World War One aircraft. Aerial views of the Rumanian oil fields in 1940, several views, with German fighters (ME 109's?) flying over. Oil storage tankers, aerial views. Oil drums in rows. Oil drums loaded onto German trucks during World War Two. Convoy of trucks from the docks with cranes in the background. Close up of oil Jerry cans past from hand to hand off a German plane onto the airfield. Truck convoys. Road signs to Brussels and others. Truck convoys through the streets and on the road. A few repeat shots from the beginning of the film.

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