Film: 1678

Road Transport | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Trams in Vienna, Austria. Amateur home movie 1960's

Crowd of people outside a swimming bath. People and children wave at camera. A religious procession with a bishop or other high ranking clerics passes by with one cleric (possibly a bishop carrying a monstrance (a religious symbol)) walking under a canopy carried by four bearers. A band of four trombones passes by. Girls in white dresses. Choirboys in red and white . It is a very sunny day. The procession arrives at the Town Hall. View of a country lane and hillside. Street sign;- 20 Frederich Engels Platz. View of street with overhead cables and tramlines. A red articulated tram arrives at a terminus and turn round. It moves off. View of single car tram overhead gantry type. It stops people get on and off. We follow it along the route . A point duty traffic policeman directs the traffic and pedestrians. A tram heads into a tram deport. View of inside of a tram and the tram driver. Tram arrives at a stop outside the centre of the city. A lot of people get off. Inside a tram people are aware of the camera and smile and point etc. All smiles passengers pose inside the tram. People pose outside a 'Sonderwagen' tram. It has an advertising board with 'Decca' and 'Argo' transport recordings on it. Presumably a tram to promote Decca records. Two men display a packed up Tram driver's uniform in a carton . The film ends.

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