Film: 1679

Aviation | 1910 | Sound | B/W


A copy of a film made in 1919 of Ross Macpherson Smith and his brother Keith who flew from London to Australia in record time in 1919. Added sound and titles. Visibility is poor because of the snowing weather.

Map of the world graphic with the title "The Australian Flight 1919" and the flight path from London overland to Adelaide. Four men in ANZAC uniforms in oval-shaped photographs. Sergeant James Bennett - mechanic. Sergeant Wally Shiers - mechanic. Lieutenant Keith Smith - navigator. Captain Ross Smith - captain.

Three men in overcoats are helping a man in army uniform into a pair of airman's overalls, two old black cars are in the background, and it is snowing. About a dozen men are pushing a Vickers Vimy bi-plane backwards. The two brothers, Ross and Keith Smith, are smiling and standing together, they are dressed in overalls and fur-lined leather helmets, and wear goggles on their heads, the shot is a good close-up and is only of their heads and shoulders.

One of the airmen is seen shaking hands with three uniformed officers, a suited man hovers in the background. Another of the airmen is in the bi-plane, the suited man helps the second, probably Captain Ross Smith into the high cockpit, the plane is showed in some detail, and an indication of its large size is evident, the propeller on the left engine is visible and spinning. Two officers reach up and shake the hand of the navigator, Keith Smith, who leans out of the cockpit.

The plane taxis down the snow-covered airfield runway, the pilot and navigator are in the open cockpit, presumably a mechanic sits in a rear seat and waves as the plane taxis. Through the snow the plane is seen lifting off. The aeroplane rises above the trees on the fence line and begins to fade in the snow-filled sky. There is footage of a tip of the plane's wing as the plane flies above the clouds in bright sunshine. Two gloved hands hold a steering wheel similar to a car steering wheel, which is dissimilar to most planes. throttle. The pilots face with scarf, fur-lined helmet and goggles is shown as the air sweeps past his face. Another shot taken from behind the pilot shows the complex system of wires and wing struts between the two wings.

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