Film: 1682

Natural History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Natural Disasters 1940's

Waves breaking. Lighthouse. Wild sea shot from bridge of ship. Ship rolling. Boat tossed about. Sea crashes over breakwaters. Beach houses being flooded. Two men flee beach house. High winds and rain pound yacht. Raging rivers and torrents of water. New England floods. Police wading through flooded streets. Newsreel cameras film weather, each held firmly by two men. Bending palm trees. Filmed through car windscreen as it drives along, high winds in palm trees. Large beach villas. Floods, vast quantities of water, swamps up power station. Man clinging to tree. People holding life line across city streets wade to safety. Stranded couple on top of their car look to camera, car is swept away. They apparently die. House swept away. (This part looks 1930s) Man in row boat throws rope. Two men swim near boat. Cat and rooster (Cockerel) float by on drift wood. Petrol station under water. Flood nearly up to top of car roof. Wading men. String of boats. Men paddle into shop and buy saw. Aerial shot of forest fire. Firefighters attempt to tackle fire. Man overcome by smoke rubs eyes. Trees burst into flames. Family running with possessions. Houses smoulder, catch and burn. People run. Hosepipes. Buildings collapse in flows. Different fire in city office block. Lots of hoses create cascades of water and flood. Firemen with hoses in flood. Others on ladders. Building collapsing into river. Various night shots of fire fighters. Failing to put out massive fires.

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