Film: 1695

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Berlin Germany 1920's

Soft wavelets on water interrupted by horizontal lines that move up and down. Level crossing barrier. Steam train passes by. Rail tracks, steam engine wheels, passing countryside, sense of speed. Train buffers moving against each other, telegraph poles pass sign: 'Berlin 151 km'. Cross bridge. Small houses on side of railway. Industrial landscape. Houses under construction. Railway station. Houses close up as train passes by. Now pulling into station: Berlin, Germany, Europe. Shots of trucks, camera moves slowing. Aerial shots of Berlin. Clock, 5 o'clock, the streets are deserted. Drain cover on road, shot of sewers with water running. Office blocks shot from below. Shops with shutters down. Shop dummies in shop window. Policeman walking dog along street. Cat walking along street. Man with two women on his arms followed by man trailing three deflated balloons - party revellers on their way home? Pigeons eating in street. Man pasting posters on poster point. Two policemen walking down street. Gate in railway shed being opened and steam train with Potsdam written on the front of engine emerges. Man smoking pipe opens door in front of house, leaves by door and walks down street. Three men walking down street. Roads are getting busier now, people on streets. Train crossing bridge. Man emptying bucket of water on to cobbled street next to moored ship (its funnel only can be seen). Train station from street. Work men walking towards camera. Tram, person descends. More people on streets. Shot of walking peoples' feet. Bus and tram, people getting on the latter. Train station busy with people. Factory gate being opened. People ascending stairs in railway station. Train pulling into station and people disembarking. Crowds descending station steps. Crowds ascending steps. Shots of peoples' legs walking, cut to cows' legs walking. German soldiers marching. Followed by shot of civilians walking the same way as the soldiers. Crowded street full of people walking in the same direction. Beggar playing music box. Crowds crossing bridge, shot from beneath. Four chimneys (like Battersea Power station) in the distant haze. Men arriving at factory. Men whipping cows through gate. Men going through gate (some with bicycles) while being watched by man in uniform. Men in locker room of factory. Stationary factory machinery. A hand presses a lever down. Machinery begins to turn. Metal arms punch, arms turn, wheels spin, pistons. Bottles are produced which are filled with milk. Steel works, heat. The four chimneys smoke.

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