Film: 1697

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Children in need of care 1950's

Council services to at risk children. Little girl living with her aunt (who already has four children of her own and a husband in and out of work) is taken into a children's home. Girl apparently leaves home and walks away up back alley. A police car with social services in attendance bring girl back home. Lost and lonely little girl images. Middle class social services woman talks to harrassed housewife on doorstep. When girl is removed from home she stretches to kiss aunt goodbye. Aunt looks a bit disgruntled. Car drive to new house through urban and rural areas. Girl is handed over to manageress of childrens' home house. She is taken off to have a wash. A door opens to reveal a group of children sitting round a dining table. They look quite challengingly at the camera. Girl is daunted and doesn't want to enter. Next moning five smiling girls faces surround the new occupant and she smile. Close up on a breakfast cereal bowl as cornflakes are poured into it. Manageress and children say grace. Children eat breakfast. Double image or deliberate double exposure of girl's increasingly smiling face over images of children playing, walking in the countryside, swinging on ropes and skipping. Girl is very happy. Basket weaving or basket making. Stamp collecting with child counting stamps in album. Girl reading picture book. Childen in tree make it sway back and fore. A tray of orange squash in glasses with straws is brought to the children. Children drink through straws and run off happily.
Essex police Sunbeam cars and electric suburban train. Slum Houses (suburban).
Jenny enjoys her new life in the big house with the other boys and girls. All of the children seem to be aged 8 - 12 years. One child is black.

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