Film: 172

London | 1930 | Sound | B/W


London 1930's

Croydon airport, HP 42, Railways, ducks, Battersea power Station, Thames sailing barges, steam tugs, Pool of London with many sailing ships, shipping from a locomotive, escalators, buses, financial area, telephone exchange, radio telephones, NS bus, London fashion shops, street cleaners, and sewage men, pearly king, pavement artist, flower ladies, Buckingham Palace,, underground parks, Piccadilly at night.
A large cruise ship powers through the water, beside a tug boat follows, they are going pretty fast. A good shot of the bow of the ship creating spray. A passenger train comes towards us along the railway tracks. An early bi-plane. An office building, to let, in London. The bi-plane lands and the ground crew move to meet it ( Croydon Airport?). Porters and movers at Victoria? A suitcase with baggage tags on it and stickers from different destinations. A stack of luggage on a cart. The Thames, Waterloo rail bridge. Houses of Parliament. Big Ben. Westminster Abbey. St. Paul's Cathedral. The dome of St. Paul's. The Admiralty building. The Tower of London. The British Museum, exterior. New office blocks in Lambeth and Lambeth Bridge. Southwark Bridge? General views of the Thames. River barges under sail, racing against each other. Slow motion, a seagull dives for a piece of food in the water. The great white and black sails of the river barges. The New Battersea Power Station. A group of tugboats on the river. A tugboat pulling a barge filled with large logs. The Pool of London below London Bridge, filled with boats. A large crane in the pool of London, a cargo ship unloads. Dock workers. Unloading bananas on a conveyor belt. A railway carriage being unloaded. London Bridge and the City? A builder walks along the scaffolding of a house, possibly a painter. Another builder on more scaffolding high above the city, he carries some bricks. Looking down, a builder secures scaffolding as traffic passes beneath him. Aerial view of a busy street in the City. A London transport bus. People coming up and off an escalator from a tube station. Through a window, the Bank of London (?). Close-up of a rotary dial telephone being dialled. The traffic around the Bank of England? Through the same window. Telephone operators connecting and disconnecting cables. A good view of a line of telephone operators with their mouthpieces on their chests. The Montreal telephone panel. The Stockholm operator. The Cairo operator. A telephone antenna. Men telephone operators of technicians. A pedestrianised street in the City, possibly somewhere in east London. The New Bank of England building on Threadneedle St. Stockbrokers on the steps outside the stock exchange on Throgmorton St. A newspaper seller. Men going in and out of large doors. The National Bank of Australia. The bankers on their smoke breaks or lunch breaks, very crowded outside. The Swiss Bank Corporation. Two bankers talk in the road with their top hats on. Bankers in their top hats and tails outside a bank. An elderly banker walking down the road. Rotten Row in Hyde Park with riders on their horses. People relax on lawn chairs in Hyde Park. People sitting at café tables, two women walk by pushing baby carriages, prams. Berwick Street Market in Soho. A grocer wraps a bag for a woman. A man picks out vegetables at stall. Shops and people on Regent Street. A woman looks at a mannequin in a window. London Fur Company. A street vendor sells Ice cream to little boys. A line of London metropolitan policemen in full uniform march at Scotland Yard. A policewoman stands on a street corner. The Judges procession from? A policeman traffic officer with white armbands gives directions to two women.
The dustman with his trolley in his smock coat and felt hat. Men crawl down into a manhole. A newspaper hawker. Cockney Pearly King. Pavement chalk paintings. Flower sellers. Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, marching band.
A whistle blowing. Boys running down the stairs out of the front of a school, leaving school. A crowd streams down a street, two people wait for others at a traffic island. Walking down the stairs to the tube. Down a long long escalator, some people walk. A doorman closes the door of a taxi. The Wellington monument. Hampstead Heath with lots of children playing. The wading pool in Hampstead Heath. A baby plays in the sand. The wading pool in Clapham Common? A boy chugs down a drink and smacks his lips when he is finished. Piccadilly Circus, Eros with cupid. Trafalgar Square. London Pavilion, neon lights. A jazz band plays. Lots of neon lights. Tower Bridge.

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