Film: 1720

Road Transport | 1960 | Silent | B/W + Colour


1930s black and white film footage of Maidstone High Street in Kent, attached to 1960s footage of the trolleybus' last journey on April 15th 1967.

Old 1930s black and white footage of Maidstone High street focusing on a policeman or traffic warden directing the traffic by motioning his arms. He stands in front of a pillar which displays the signs "Keep Left" and "Turn Left". Automobiles in foreground and background pass by, different vehicles (trucks, bicycles, cars) drive by and around traffic warden, including the trolleybuses. Shops and old building in background with stone pillars and arch-shaped windows. Australian and British flags on lamp post behind traffic warden. A trolley car stops by the pavement and lets people on and off.

1960s colour footage. Intertitle: "April. Maidstone ". Trolley buses last journey. Focus on trolley bus rails or tracks on the cobbled ground, leading to trolley bus parked in yard. The bus is decorated with flags, lights and black, white and red striped cloth wrapped around the back and side. Mature or old people stand by the bus chatting. Two men talking to each other, both wearing suits, hats and glasses. The trolley bus, with people on it and standing by the door, reverses out of the yard. "Maidstone's Last Trolleybus" and "This trolleybus will operate the last journey carrying a civic party from the Town Hall to the Depot at 11.30 am on Saturday April 15th 1967" are written on the side of the bus. The bus drives around the streets, including the High Street where the black and white footage was shot. Camera focus on the back of the Statue or monument on Maidstone's High Street. People stand on street next to bus to have their photograph taken. A different bus, heading for Loose (a Maidstone suburb), is filmed on a busy road next to the decorated trolleybus. The trolleybus turns down Maidstone High Street again. People take photographs of the bus as it turns into the bus yard where it began it's journey. Close up of the front of the bus displaying "Journey's End" to act as the destination. Also written on the side of the bus; "Trolleybuses have operated in Maidstone from 1928 to 1967. Women board a slightly more modern looking bus - old and new buses seen together. Close up of steering wheel as driver drives the bus fast on the road. People standing round a muddy car park or lay by. End of film.

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