Film: 1722

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Ireland or Eire Galway Dublin Conemara 1940's

Map of Ireland, northern Ireland separated by a white dotted line. The locations of the River Shannon, the Central Plain, Lough Derg, Dublin and Connemara. Small white house on a hillside beside the sea, high mountains rise behind the house. Connemara mountains, the rocky coast with a small village, a gravel road a donkey pulls a wagon and a dog run beside it. A white cottage behind a large haystack and a field. Another long white house, one storey, a man works forking hay onto a stack. Sheep on the mountainside beside the sea. Sheep graze on the grass pastures. A man walks behind a herd of sheep down the road. A man drives a tractor, another man walks behind him. A man lays out turf to dry to be used for fuel. A man leads donkeys with pannier baskets full of turf. The river Shannon flowing through Lough Derg. Near limerick and lough derg, a hydro electric power station on the river Shannon produces electricity. The canal built to bring the water to the power station seven miles away from the main river body. The first power station in Ireland to use the power of falling water in ? The interior of the dam, the large turbines that are turned by the water. A railway along the canal, back to wards the Shannon. Overhead power pylons and cables.
The machinery and farming of the peat farms of the Central plain. Women working in the turf and peat fields, piling dried turf. Men work on the conveyor belts piling the turf on. The turf is loaded on a machine that pours it into freight cars which takes it to Darlington, a turf fired power station. The exhaust tower from Darlington power station. The freight car is lifted up by a crane and moved forward along the roof. The turf pours out of the carriage. The main street of a small country town, a cattle fair. Cattle mill around on the street. Market day at ballydean? In county Tipperary. Lots of farmers with canes or sticks and hats, many with pipes.
The map again, the ferry connections to Liverpool and Holyhead to Dublin and from cork and Waterford to Fishguard, golden vale, limerick and Tipperary are also visible. Dairy cows, a truck with milk cans on the back of it passes. The entrance to the co-operative creamery in Midvale town, one farmers leads his empty cart out, another drives his full one in, then a large milk tanker drives out. A chilling and separating vat. The churn. Men work moving large amounts of butter. A dairy worker digs out butter out of a machine with a huge wooden paddle. A man closes a large wooden crates of butter. Cattle being driven through the streets of Dublin towards the docks. Cattle resting in their pens. O'Connell street in central Dublin, busy with traffic and pedestrians. The Customs house, the River Liffey meeting the Irish Sea. The cranes of the unloading docks in the port of Dublin. Cows getting loaded onto trains. Sheep loaded onto boats. Sheep very close together in pens. A ship pulls out of the docks.

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