Film: 1728

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Crowds at racecourse. Aintree and Grand National. Winning jockey kisses horse. F.A. Cup final: Derby beat Charlton. Goal. Cup presentation. Chairing Derby captain. Derby day, 'Airborne' (grey) the winner, inset jockey in vignette. Royal Ascot and Royal Procession.
Cricket: England beat India at Lords.
Athletics: Sidney Woolaston wins 5000m in Oslo European Games.
Waterski-jumping. Trick motorcycling through fire hoops. Jeep jumping off ramp and into water.
Lord Mountbatten. Montgomery. Lord Alexander. Churchill tour of Holland on boat.
George Bernard Shaw's 90th birthday.
Royal Family at wedding of Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands.
Remembrance Day.
United Nations, Secretary General Trygve Lie of Norway. Cranes exporting goods. Exhibition, 'Britain can make it'. Racing bicycle.
Motor jubilee parade. 50 years of cars.
Meteor Jet speed record.
Rescue of crashed plane in Alps. Landing on skis in snow. Also take-off.
Pope appoints cardinals.
Egypt independence. Palestine bombings. India communal riots. British troops. Nehru provisional government.
Truman. Bikini Atoll. Atom bombs No.4 and No.5. Goggles.
Nuremburg Trials. U.N. Victory Parade.
King and Queen. Tanks, marching troops, fireworks.

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