Film: 1737

War + Military | 1920 | Silent | B/W


The British in Palestine, now Israel, in the Middle East, at the time of the British Mandate, post World War One 1920's

'Allenby's army, made up of seventeen nationalities, marched from Egypt to Palestine. A section of the famous 'Black Watch' regiment of the British Army.
Scottish soldiers in kilts march and Australian soldiers with camels carrying goods. Camels walk over wet terrain on the way to the bombardment of Gaza. Excellent shot of heavy mortar guns firing and being reloaded. Munitions are stored in deep trench like dug-outs. Trucks carrying troops move up Nebi Samwill, the Turkish stronghold where the prophet Samuel was buried. Infantry moves screen left to right, up a hill with rocky terrain ( great shots, almost like a feature film therefore a bit suspicious on authenticity ). Indian lancers on horseback ride towards camera in four distinct waves (dramatic shots ). A solitary sentry stands guard on the Mount of Olives, the first Christian soldier on guard over Jerusalem. More shots of heavy guns being fired. Several of the above scenes are repeated in the copy of this film which follows. The differences are long shot of shell landing and exploding, footage of the seaport Jaffa, after it's capture by Allenby's army. Further footage of the Jaffa Jerusalem highway with heavily veiled Arab women prominent. Munitions are moved up Nebi Samwill hill. Allenby and officers are decorated by Duke of Connaught.

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