Film: 1762

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Very good record of late 1940's Dublin Airport, Ireland and then maybe Scotland. Amateur home movie.

Couple walk though a flower covered greenhouse.
Inside the terminal of Dublin Airport, the dining room with lots of passengers at tables waiting, drinking coffee, large glass windows so you can see the tarmac and runways outside. Outside the building on a terrace overlooking an aircraft preparing to leave, the backs of people panned across, it is very windy. Hands waving in foreground and small Aer Lingus aircraft taxiing along the tarmac. DC 3 Aer Lingus at Dublin airport. It takes off, ground crew work in foreground. The crowded terrace of the terminal building, people mill about, taken from inside. Inside Dublin airport, filmed from the first floor looking down at the departure lounge., potted plants on the window sill. On the windy runway, people around a plane, table and chairs in the foreground. An Aer Lingus plane takes off. A group of ladies in becoming hats sit in a row. Boys watch. Pan across the outside of the curved front of the airport terminal building with people watching on the narrow terrace on the first floor. The crew descend from the an aer lingus aircraft. An Aer Lingus air hostess walks and smiles. The crew in a bar. Clouds from an aircraft window, wing just visible.
Craggy hills, and graveyard, probably Ireland. People gathered outside a church. Large white dog attracts attention. People ascend steps outside church with tower. Houses in the valley below. Boy sits with his back to us next to babbling river.
Gymkhana, horses and riders assembled, young riders smartly turned out. The winner, a young girl stands with her pony wearing a red rosette. A horse and carriage, then show jumping. Various show jumping clips and crowds at the event. A number of very smart horse and carriage teams parade by.
A large baronial style house Scottish perhaps, gabled roof. Large gardens with gardener moving. Older woman at a Japanese garden with red bridge.
Parade of cadets, perhaps. Marching band. Scottish Fyfe and drum military band. More show jumping with heads in the way. Lots of show jumping with heads in the way shot from the crowd.

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