Film: 1763

London | 1940 | Mute | Colour


London - events of 1947

Penguin house at the zoo. Royal family return from South Africa. Piccadilly Circus, replacing Eros by crane after the war. The Queen at Trooping the Colour. Regent's Street. Girl Guides parade. State opening of Parliament. Lord Mayor's Show. Cenotaph. Royal Wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Intertitle - 'Blizzard conditions in London Delight Penguin Colony'. The penguins in their pool at London zoo diving and enjoying the snow on the icicle-covered curved slides down from the penguin house.

Intertitle - 'May - Royal Family returns from triumphant South African tour'. A line of tanks fire shots from a green bank watched by a group of people behind a fence. Leicester Square with a huge 'Welcome Home' sign surrounded by Union Jacks and a crowd of people wave handkerchiefs by the docks as the huge white ocean liner pulls in. A procession; policemen guard the roads, keeping back the crowds as four horses draw an open carriage followed by a mounted escort. The King and Queen with the two princesses, waving. Shots from above, entering Buckingham Palace, then the royal family appear on the balcony which is decked in red cloth.

Intertitle; 'Piccadilly - Eros, mythical God of Love, receives affectionate greetings at Impromptu Restoration'. A poster for the film 'so well remembered, starring John Mills and a 'Guinness Time' clock. A van marked 'I. Starkey Gardner Ltd, Southfields, London', with men in the back supporting a sack-covered shape packed in with sandbags. The van stops and the object is revealed as a statue of Eros, winged, with a bow, drawing back his hand to shoot. Ropes are tied around the statue and men heave as it is hoisted up to a scaffolding frame. A crowd gathers to watch; one man takes photographs, a woman shakes her head. An old lady in black ducks under the rope barrier that has been set up, with a crate of flowers, seeing an opportunity to sell some. A policeman watches hands on hips. The statue, finally in place.

Intertitles; 'June - Princess Elizabeth makes her first official Engagement at Revived Trooping the Colours Ceremony'. Ranks of soldiers in khaki and red banded helmets, trumpeters. Distant Princess Elizabeth in a black and gold uniform sits side-saddle, parading with officers through the ranks of soldiers. Marching in lines, salutes. A royal (?) audience watches from a red and white draped balcony, all in black uniforms.

Intertitles - 'Regent street - 'the street dons Floral Finery for export drive'. A blue and gold scroll announces 'Regent Street on parade' . Scenes from the busy street seen from above. Number 21 has a banner 'Regent Street Association' with flags and flowers. Another banner reads 'Regent's Street Week. Exports bring home the goods'. More of the street, buses and shops with blinds out, close up of 'Harry Hale'. From inside the window of a ladies' shop clothes, a display of red clothes. Women stop to look in. A huge pair of scales dangle from a lamppost, the cross balance says 'Britain must balance her exports. Shop fronts, 'Soden's' and 'the Needlewoman' and a sign 'Britain makes it, Regent Street displays it'.

Intertitles - 'July - At International Rally Guides rally Princess Elizabeth with Princess Margaret takes the salute and meets Guide leaders'. Crowds in a park around a platform with a flagpole. The two princesses climb up to the platform and salute as the flag is unfurled. The parade of Guides with flags, two uniformed men on horses, a band. On the platform a man wearing the chains of a mayor over a suit and two older ladies stand behind Princess Elizabeth in a black, belted uniform, black tie and black hat with a yellow band and Princess Margaret in a white blouse with a sailor's cap and necktie. They salute as the guides come past, also saluting, lead by women in black uniforms similar to Elizabeth's and men in khaki shirts, neckties and shorts. They are followed by girls in blue uniforms and caps holding flags for the United Kingdom. Behind them girls and boys carry signs for 'England' 'Scotland' (boys in kilts), 'Wales' and 'Ulster'. Behind them come groups of guides in various coloured uniforms with signs for Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Holland, Switzerland and the USA. They march in the direction of the gates of Buckingham Palace and the princesses descend from the platform. Elizabeth gives her hand to the guide leaders who curtsey and Margaret follows suit. Photographers and a crowd around them. The princesses exchange final words and then climb into a black and red hooded carriage with the hood down.

Intertitle - 'In November fog Princess Elizabeth continues her state duties and accompanies the King in Drive to State Opening of Parliament. Despite the fog, crowds are in the street as horsemen with white bands across their chests gallop, followed by the closed royal carriage drawn by four horses with footmen in red jackets. An army regiment salute. The Houses of Parliament from across the Thames. Inside are two seats draped in red cloth on a platform beneath an embroidered banner bearing the royal coat of arms. The procession continues through London streets.

Intertitle - 'Annual Lord Mayor's show Boosting Agriculture. Lacks its Pre-War Gaiety, but retains Colour and Ceremonial'. A crowd in coats and hats stand outside Barclay's Bank to watch an open-topped tractor red and black with a flagpole, followed by a cart with a spinning mechanism drawn by cart horses and a sign 'lend a hand on the land'. Four grey horses pull a cart for 'Chiver and Sons Ltd' fruiters with a giant cut-out of fruit trees and a woman with a ladder and a sign 'from orchard to home'. A gold encrusted carriage with men in cavalier's costume in foot, the Lord Mayor in a wig looks from the window.

Intertitle - 'Remembrance Day - Cenotaph ceremony to the fallen of Two World Wars'. A war memorial, wreaths of poppies laid before it. Rank of the army fill the square around it. Three priests in red robes with white surplices carry a cross with a candle in procession. Members of Parliament (?) emerge from a building and stand, holding wreaths before the memorial. The King and Princess Elizabeth in uniform, the King is given a wreath and steps forward to lay it in front of the memorial. Elizabeth does the same, followed by members of the government. The official ceremony ends as the priest lead off and members of the crowd come forward to lay down their own tributes.

Intertitle - 'The Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey - Nov 20'. A closed burgundy and gold royal carriage with footmen in red and an escort of horsemen in feathered helmets and breastplates. Elizabeth in her wedding dress just visible through the window. Carriages pulled up outside a tented entrance to Westminster Abbey. The camera pans down a black and white still picture of the wedding: clergymen hold crosses, the archbishop conducting the ceremony, Philip stooping to slip the ring onto Elizabeth's hand, and her veil flows down the steps to where a page boy in a kilts stands behind. The King and the best man are on either side. The carriages and crowds outside. Elizabeth emerges from the tunnel, holding up her skirts to climb into the carriage. The procession returns with the Princess waving from the window. Another black and white still of the royal couple with the bridesmaids and page boys and the King. A colour full length still of Elizabeth smiling, in her silk wedding dress, long lacy veil, coronet and pearls, the camera pans down it to show the patterns on her dress and veil.

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