Film: 1769

Railways | 1930 | Sound | B/W


British railways in the 1930s, Excellent film !

'Four trains' featured (only 3 however in this copy) - The Royal Scot. The Flying Scotsman. The Cornish Riviera Express.
" Day and Night Year In Year Out British Railways Serve the Nation"
Montage of steam trains with the words "Trains" "Trains" "Trains" over.
"Internationally Famous Four British Trains Upholder of a Great Tradition"
"Royal Scot Euston" over a clock face. A busy platform, a porter wheels a trolley, a woman in suit and hat holds a girls hand who holds her doll, the sign reads A3 and the train waits on the right hand side. The signalman pulls a lever in the signal box. The guard blows his whistle and vigourously waves a flag over his head, 'Royal Scot' sign behind his head. He engine driver, pov behind him, starts the train. Wheels on the track turn. The train pulls out to R, under a gantry, in vast plumes of steam, LMS on the side of the tender. POV the driver though the window, side of engine and countryside. Train passes under, as from a bridge. Inside Signal box, man watches. Another POV from side window. Overhead shot of fireman shoveling coal into the firebox. Fast running wheels. Driver measures steam pressure. Speeding train side view. Fireman pokes fire.
"Meanwhile carriage windows fame the passing pageantry and the British Countryside" two women sitting in a carriage window, one with her back to us turns the pages of a fashion magazine while the other points at something outside, both wear smart small hats and short gloves. Countryside speeds by. The two girls gaze out and are joined by a third. Nice 30's wipe to trees and countryside speeding by. Couple sit in a train seat, man reads newspaper, woman looks out of the window. Two or three countryside form train window shots, with nice wipes between. Aerial shot of train in full steam L to R.
"And so the Royal Scot journeys northwards, upholder of a great tradition" Crude map showing stations on the route.
" The Flying Scotsman Kings Cross" lovely front of engine shot of smoking steam train, no 2507 with Flying Scotsman plate near the chimney. Busy platform, two porters push a large trolley with wrapped parcels, people in hats walk by, train on right bearing Flying Scotsman side plate, highish shot. Train official with notebook sees the train leave, LNER clearly on the side.
" Principal places of interest en route are told by the log card". Over the shoulder shot of woman reads the log card, turning the pages. She looks out the window.
"Speeding across Welwyn Viaduct". Travelling shot of countryside from a viaduct.
"Service on Board" reflection of a man in a mirror getting shaved by the barber. Another train speeds past. Two men shake hands. Another train passes us. In the restaurant car, a waiter dressed in white uniform attends a seated couple, he puts cups and saucers onto eh table form a silver tray. Speeding past countryside. Couple drink soup. Woman smiles, pleased with her meal. Lovely slow shot coming into a station past a city scape, maybe Newcastle with a transporter bridge.
"crossing the Border at Berwick" very nice shot of the countryside and area around the bridge and viaduct on the England / Scotland border. Seaside town.
"Arriving at Edinburgh" aerial view of the city of Edinburgh. High view of train entering the station. High view of clock over Princes Street Edinburgh. Train pulls alongside platform. Crude amp of journey.
" Cornish Riviera Express, London to Penzance 205 miles 385 minutes" really nice POV passenger out of the window as train departs station, a woman on the platform waves with a handkerchief. Overhead shot as train leaves station, R to L.
"westward Ho ! Across the Thames at Maidenhead, though Berks, Wilts and Somerset into Devon, by the sea" Steam train maidenhead bridge, R to L. Fats train coming the other way. In a carriage the passenger read newspapers. Train on curving bend. In the restaurant car, a waiter places items on the table for a woman being served., she smiles and "cheers" with her companion. Train coming the other way. Steam train L to R alongside the sea shore waves crashing. Train comes around a bend R to L.
"And so though the heart of Cornwall to Penzance - the Gateway to Lands End " Crossing thTamar Bridge, high girders with houses beyond. Train on bridge from below. Waiter with tray struggles down a carriage corridor. Tray with silver tea things place in front of woman who makes tea. Steam train enters Penzance Station on the right with stationery train on the left. Passengers open doors and disembark form the first class carriages. The "Way Out " at Penzance station with people exiting. The rugged Cornish coast line with crashing waves. Crude map of journey.

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