Film: 1770

Social History | 1930 | Sound + Silent | B/W


Slum housing and back to back terraces in London 1930's

Medium shot of woman beating mat against a wall. Woman sitting in a pram holding a child as others look on. Medium shot of a couple as the woman tells of experience with a rat. Wind blowing curtains about at open window behind a flower in a vase. A woman takes the rubbish out to dispose into a partition in the wall. Interior of a kitchen showing gas oven, furniture. Extract from A Kind of Loving (1962) with Alan Bates and Leonard Rossiter leaving a factory. Pan past front doors of slum street. Bespectacled middle-aged man talking to camera before a cluttered mantelpiece. Young boy pretending to play the piano. Intertitle advertising Assam tea. A 20s mother heats up water in a kettle for tea and shows her little girl a can marked 'India Tea'. Can in close-up

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