Film: 1785

Sport | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The Rockies, USA 1910's Mountaineering in the Canadian Rocky Mountains looks like the Alps

complete with Swiss guide with curly pipe, chalet and Swiss family in Swiss clothes, not sure how or why?

Opening title humorously explains the premise for a climb up the Canadian Rocky mountains. Landscape shots of the snow tipped Rockies. Several boats paddle on Lake Louise. As a punch line to the preceding inter-title which refers to the 'dangers of climbing', a woman holding an ice pick smiles sweetly at the camera. A climbing party including a woman gather outside an alpine hotel and are waved off my several men. We see the climbers mounted on trek ponies assessing the climb. A title describes how the party found a condensed milk label "which appears on the map as the Swiss village of Edelweiss". Cows graze in a field. A man and a boy walk up a track while the man carries a large sledge. The man wearing a hat and smoking a pipe, ties several chopped logs onto the sledge, the pair push the sledge. The man and his son are reunited with the rest of the family and their dog, who appear to live in a Swiss style chalet.

The man says goodbye to his family and leads the climbing party. The three climbers continue their expedition, climbing up steep inclines along the way. The climb leader makes his way up an almost vertical ice covered rock to set up the ropes. He is followed my the male climber who uses both the rope and his ice pick to make his way up. Thirdly the female member of the party begins to make her way up the rock face with the rope tied around her as a harness and is somewhat ungraciously hoisted up by her male companions. The three climbers gather on flat ground and the lead climber relights his pipe.

Referring to the female climber, an inter-title reads 'if she lacked the clambering accomplishments of an Alpine goat, she was easy to look at…' The three continue their adventure, the woman slides down a slope on her bottom. At the next vertical climb, one of the male climbers stands on the shoulders of the other male in order to get higher up the rock. The three climbers reach a summit.

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