Film: 1787

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


National parks of the USA 1940's

U.S.A. Scenery - brief road network, Close up aircraft and steam train shots.
A flock of sheep by a lake with snow covered mountains in the background. Women picking daffodils. Rugged mountains. Birds in flight. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. A small rowing boat on Bear Lake. Horse riding and trekking on foot. Cascade falls. Yellowstone National Park - "Old Faithful" geyser. Crater Lake, Oregon. Mirrored images of mountains in the lake. Oregon shores with seals plunging into the water. Columbia River - bear catches a fish and leaping salmon. Bryce Canyon, South Utah. Arizona - Grand Canyon. Yosemite, California. "El Capitan" seen through Wanona Road tunnel. Giant trees (Sequoia) with hole through. A man stands at the base of the tree to show its size. Monterey Peninsula. Midway Point. Bird Rock with cormorants and pelicans. Snow covered Mount Ranier. Oregon - Climbing, Skiing. Flower pickers, sheep. Niagara Falls?.

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