Film: 1794

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Anti Japanese propaganda film made during World War Two with the objective of portraying the Japanese as a race of brutal savages 1940's

General romantic views of Japan - Cities , docks and shipping but with a highly charged commentary regarding the personality of the average Japanese. The voiceover is almost totally at odds with the footage which shows 1930's Japan as picturesque and traditional apart from the military images. Very nice shots of temple, farming methods and town life. Fishing scenes, paddy fields with women workers, trains, dams, munitions output. Japanese build up of arms.

Intertitle: An Introduction to the Topography, Resources and Industries of Japan, Narrated by the Honourable Joseph C Grew - U.S. Ambassador to Japan 1932 -1941.
Grew stands in front of map of Japan. Close up of Grew. Describes the Japanese as "fanatical people, determined to conquer the world".
Fade to picturesque shot of mountain, river and man rowing a small boat. Mountain, wood and wooden hut. Large white temple - pretty. Large Buddha. Bridge across river - building set in hillside behind it. Busy street. People in Western dress. Cars and bicycles. Traffic policeman in white uniform. Shop fronts with banners outside. People walk around. Narrator describes them as warrior people, despite visual evidence not supporting this in any way. Children in pretty public garden near a stall selling decorated umbrellas. Group in traditional robes and kimonos outside a temple. Map of world showing Tokyo's proximity to Hawaii, Sydney, San Francisco and Berlin etc. Close up of Japan in Pacific Ocean. Large city with tall buildings and trams on the streets. Building marked "Tokyo Asahi". Longshot of Tokyo skyline. Port or dock in Tokyo. Large liner at harbour side. Dock workers arrange cargo. Mitsubishi warehouse at quayside. Tugboats in harbour. Small bay and fishing boat further along coast. Group of fishermen mend nets on the beach. Fishermen at sea bring in the nets. Fish in nets. Smoking fish in wooden building. Many trays of fish waiting to be preserved. Traditional technique. Map of Islands of Japan. Longshot of mountains and rainforest. Wooden house on stilts built into mountainside. Wooden buildings and paddy fields in valley. Car drives up to paddy field. Farmer and ox plough field. Second farmer scythes crops. Farming is diverse and intensive. Flock of sheep. Workers in rice fields. Irrigation wheel operated by human - like a treadmill. Field of wheat or barley. Map showing where coal is found in Japan. Same map with copper reserves marked. Iron supply on same map. Oil, sulphur. Hydro-electric plant. Electric train. Map showing expansive rail network. Industrial plant in Northern Kyushu. Smoking chimneys and warehouses. Inside plant - steel works. Iron works. Molten metal. Weapons being made (according to narrator). Inside factory. Pile of missile cases. Ocean liner leaving port - scatters balloons as it goes. Crowds on quayside. Soldiers on military ship. Hip flying Japanese flag. Navy vessel. End.

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