Film: 1795

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Beaches at Port Philip, Australia. Holiday camp, team games, tennis, rowing, cricket, Highland gathering, games and dances, sword dance 1940's

Three shots of Australian surf beaches in summer. People stand around and bathe in a rock pool. A crowded beach in Port Philip, Melbourne (Victoria, Australia); hundreds of people sunbathe, swim and dive in to the water. A view of another crowded beach in Melbourne, people relax on the sand. Young men and women play team games on a holiday camp, cheered by their friends; two shots of a crocodile race, in which the contestants run in long rows holding on to the person in front of them; a shot of a kangaroo race, in which contestants jump forward like kangaroos; a friendly cockfighting game, in which the girls fight sitting on the boys' shoulders. The girls and boys sit in circles or lie down on the grass, reading a book. A sequence of games of tennis in public courts follows, including two shots of a man serving from different angles. Long shot of the river, boats can be seen in the distance; young men row down the Yarra river wearing team uniforms. Two teams play a game of cricket by a gothic-looking building, the Melbourne Boys Grammar School. Three riders exercise in Alexandra Avenue, in Melbourne, on a footpath shaded by trees. A little girl wearing a tartan skirt sits by a sign that says 'Highland Gathering'. Five more Australian-Scottish girls wearing traditional Scottish outfits smile at the camera. It is the New Years day parade: montage of bagpipers and drummers marching and playing in their traditional clothes. Children in traditional Scottish clothes march past the camera in a long row. A little girl with a Scottish hat smiles at the parade. Series of shots of the same children performing a traditional Scottish dance. They march out of the field, applauded by the crowd. Women march into the field, bow to each other and dance in circles, holding hands, while one of them dances at the centre of the circle; men also take part in the dance. Extensive shots of the dance from different angles, of the movements of their arms and feet. Shot of the bagpipers from behind, as they face the dancing men and women. The women dance in two rows. Bagpipers and drummers play. A bagpiper stands alone in the foreground. The crowd applauds. The dancers walk out of the field. Shots of the Melbourne Highland Pipe Band playing. Women perform a different Scottish dance with swords. They put the swords on the grass and dance around them in groups of four. A bagpiper looks in the distance. Children dance in pairs. The performers walk out of the field holding their swords.

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