Film: 1799

Music | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Bill Withers plays guitar and sings 1970's

1. Bill Withers sits on a stool wearing blue jeans and a dark top, playing an acoustic guitar, he has a microphone on a stand in front of him and begins singing. Close up on his face as he continues singing. Close up on guitar. Camera moves up to his face, he has a drum kit behind him, appears to be in a studio. Camera from left has close up on his face, smiles as he sings. Cut to original shot of Withers on stool. Close up on face from the right. Close up from the left. Back to original shot on stool. Cut to close up from left. Cut to wider shot from right showing a man playing an organ, camera pans across to Withers. Cut to a mixed audience. Cut to close up of Withers from right. Cut to original shot on stool. Camera zooms in on Withers as he finishes song, says thank you. Camera shot from left, once again man playing organ is present, behind him is a man playing electric guitar, audience applauds, shot fades to black.

2. Advert for Bill Withers album. Picture of Bill withers Live at Carnegie Hall record, singing in background. Still pictures of Withers in light coloured top with acoustic guitar singing, as voiceover advertises the record. Cut to Withers walking along street dressed in blue denim, he talks to the camera about the concert. A collection of stills of Withers in concert with music in background. Back to withers walking along street. A further collection of stills in concert with music. Back to Withers on street. Cut to stills with music. A shot of the record once again with voiceover advertising it.

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