Film: 1800

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Very good amateur home movie. Shanghai Harbour, China 1930's

Sites. People. Markets. Junks manoeuvring on the river. Buildings along the shorefront of the harbour. Big junks in Shanghai harbour, tracking shot. Long shot of the front. People walk along switchback bridges over the rivers in the city. A pagoda temple. Ship 534 at anchor in the harbour, similar aft to Pirate ship type vessels. Boats and more boats, unloading goods, under sail, at anchor. Men manoeuvre a river barge with a long sweep out the back. A large square sailed boat. A child helps propel a river barge, swinging on the rope attached to the sweep. Street entertainment - the man with the wrestling dolls. A man walks along the wharf with a large pack on his back. Two dolls grabbing each other's arms and turn around, wrestling, the man in underneath their robes, his arms the feet of one doll, his legs the feet of the other, he spins and tumbles and turns, then poops up from under the cloaks. The entertainer looking exhausted. Buddhists at prayer. Large piles of burning incense, smoke is everywhere, people bring their offerings and stick them in the large buckets of sand. Bowing repeatedly on knees. The Bund? Floods and many rickshaws a bus and some cars in water aerial view and then street level. Traffic jam in knee deep water. A car broken down in the flood water.
The Panchan Lama procession. The 9th Panchen Lama, Thubten Choekyi Nyima visited Shanghai in 1934.
A marching band, floats and lots of children, traffic conductors. Martial arts performances. Everyone has white flags. Men walking with gongs.

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