Film: 181

Transport General | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Title on screen 'Always Keep to The White Line' traffic going by people standing on the pavement and crossing the road horses and carriages 1920's information film to show people how to use the road markings and road signs

Traffic going by including vans and buses. Text appears on screen stating that London's streets are full of signs to aid motorists and pedestrians. Close up hand appears on screen London buses moving in the background. Traffic warden directing the traffic cars passing by. Street sign close up 'Turn Left One Way' with a street lamp overhanging the sign. The instruction 'Look left' written on the road. The instruction 'Look Right' written on the road with road markings also visible on the ground. Overhead point of view of pedestrians crossing the road some people standing on the central reservation waiting to cross the road. Overhead point of view of pedestrians crossing a road shops can be seen in the background traffic passing by when pedestrians cross the road while the cars are passing pedstrians weave between the traffic a van marked Brittania on the side stops to let pedestrians cross. Bus passing by with a poster advertisement for cigarette brand Craven A pedestrains walk along the pavement and cross the road. Horse and carriage passes in front of pedestrains waiting to cross the raod. Close up on the road surface with traffic instruction written 'Look Right' with road markings also on the road surface pedestrians walk across the sign. Man hurries across the road, bus passes by in the background with advertisement for Schweppes Devonshire Cider on the side of the bus. Pedestrians crossing the road, traffic passing by in the background. Group of people stop halfway across road to wait for the traffic.

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