Film: 1812

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Film which partly concentrates on showing the relationship and similarity between primates and humans 1950's

Begins at zoo. Very big crowd watches seals. Polar bears. Bear with a young girl feeding him from a spoon. Shot of girl stroking bear as he eats. Footage of the honey bear that is shown climbing up its own tail. Moving onto the monkey house with footage of various monkeys and mention of Darwin and evolution is made. Young girl sits next to monkey and gives it a kiss. Monkey undoes shoelaces on her foot. Two zoo keepers walk monkeys on leashes. One monkey plays with a camera as two others sit on a chair outdoors. The tree monkeys have a 'chimp garden party'. They eat and drink at a table, sitting in chairs. Two monkeys play with a soda dispenser. Child sits in chair watching three monkeys as they play with musical instruments. Monkey leads child by the hand as they walk. Monkey helps child get undressed for bath and scrubs child's back. Monkey and child both laugh as he gets dressed.

Footage ends with shots of big cats lying around and a monkey yawning. Child and monkey walk hand in hand, shots of various animals sleeping.

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