Film: 1813

London | 1960 | Sound | Colour


West London near Ladbroke Grove Portobello Road antique market in the 1960's in Notting Hill London

General shots of the open air market.
A Market Stallholder puts a pillow in a large paper bag for a customer. Crowds gathered amongst the Open air stalls. A close up shot of an older man with only a few teeth. Someone carries a board with the words 'The End is Nigh'. An old man has a square box on his head for a hat. Overhead views of market.
Portobello Road antiques shop. A deserted road with only a cat crossing. 'Closed' sign on shop door.
The day begins and men arrive to unload and set up stalls. The dealers turn up with their goods - secondhand clothes, cutlery jewellery and all types of bric-a-brac. The public arrive. All sorts of stalls can be seen selling items including a Lions head, China dogs, silver etc. A reflection in a mirror. A couple look at a chess/draughts board. 60's fashion evident.
Darkness falls and a Policeman strides along the deserted area with his torch in his hand checking the buildings and doorways.

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