Film: 1829

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Hitler Youth work camp 1930's

Possibly a Hitler Youth Camp (the era of the Nazi) in which young men are exercised and put to work in the construction of an irrigation ditch. Flag flying with mountains in background. Long shot of mountains with blue sky. Camera pans down to valley floor. German / Austrian soldier blows bugle. Out of barrack style building run men in shots, they form three rows. They turn in unison and follow another man who is banging drum to keep time. In fields the men are back in rows standing and flinging their arms back, all done in unison. They then swing arms round. Row of boys standing with back to another row of boys. The first throw medicine ball up for those standing behind to catch. The men catching turn and do same. Instructor demonstrating to individuals how to touch toes, fling arms back, bend to one side, all seems very dramatic. In rows they run to form lines, they turn and jog off. Back at barracks the parade ground is full of uniformed soldiers 'presenting arms' as an officer wanders in from the direction of the camera. Soldier in parade ground salutes to forehead, officer responds with Nazi style salute. Soldiers 'shoulder arms'. Officer Nazi salutes again. Soldiers with eyes to the right and Nazi saluting watch as flag is raised (accompanied by roll on drums). Three platoon leaders run out and salute officer. They run back and one platoon 'shoulder arms', turns and circles past camera. As they march past it is suddenly clear that the 'rifles' are, in fact, shovels. This platoon are followed by the other two. Marching along round with shovels. They stop in quarry, place, carefully, their shovels in two piles. They return to their positions and march off. They come to halt, remove belts and jackets which they place on floor in neat rows. They run back to piles of spades. Set mining wagons on tracks. Three men together pushing a wagons up a hill, past men using pick axes. Each wagon is stopped. Men working on rock face with pick axes and spades and shovelling rocks into wagons behind. Once full the men push the wagons back down the hill. Men with piles of rocks, taking a rock and hammering into ground to make path in a ditch (an irrigation ditch?). Man with spade pushing it under turf, two other men pull rope which pushes spade under turf. Turf segments thrown to one side. Two men collect turf sods on stretcher and carry to ditch where they are placed on its sides in order to construct neat irrigation ditch.

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