Film: 1830

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Death of Manolete ( Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, one of Spain's most legendary bullfighters) 1940's

Spain Shots.
Newspapers (Pueblo, ABC, El Alcazar, etc.) announcing the death of Manolete.
Moody shots of him in a suit (medium close and close up).
Girls throw flowers as his coffin passes. Lots of people in the funeral procession.

Linares, a small town in Andalusia, in the province of Jaen, Spain
Plaza de Toros (Arena of the Bull). Flag at half mast.
Manolete at the zenith of his career.
Manolete, head of the quadrille. Bull in ring. Manolete bullfighting. People clapping. Good slow mo of Manolete. Banderillero. Manolete ready to kill the bull. People clapping and cheering. Manolete showing all his skills. People standing up clapping. Manolete brings the bull to his knees.

Exterior of Plaza de Toros in Barcelona, in Madrid and in Mexico.

Linares, a small town in Andalusia, in the province of Jaen, Spain
(28th August 1947)
Plaza de Toros. Matador parade. Bull in ring.
Manolete fighting his last the bull of the afternoon. Bull attacks horse. Manolete comes to the rescue. People cheering and throwing their hats to the arena. People waving their white handkerchiefs. Manolete having a drink. Manolete ready to kill the bull. Strong cheering continues. He goes in for the kill; the "moment of truth" as the Spanish say. He throw himself over the horns (disregarding the danger, instead of taking the easy way out as so many bullfighters do by feinting to one side). The sword was already in up to the hilt, when the bull hooks his head sideways and plunged his horns into the torero's groin, tossing him into the air. The beast tries repeatedly to gore Manolete. Other members of his quadrille coming to the rescue. Manolete lies on the arena.

Flag at half mast. Plaque commemorating Manolete. Poster on wall announcing Manolete and the Bullfighting afternoon of August 28th.

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