Film: 1833

Canals + Waterways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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'Bargee's Doctor' Canal nurse at work 1940's

Canal scene near Towcester, Northamptonshire, a canal side cottage with a sign up saying 'First Aid Point'. Sister Mary Ward comes out of the cottage in a large white cap or veil and full nurse's uniform, she puts on her cloak and looks towards the canal. Her father used to do this work tending to barges and boat people but now she does. A boat pulling a butty heads towards us and moors alongside. Sister Mary approaches. She boards the narrow boat at the stern, assisted by the steerer. Boatman turns the windlass on the lock paddles. A woman in overalls comes out of the cabin. Sister Mary sticks a large sticking plaster to the woman's forehead. She crosses to another boat and examines a woman's eyes. The lock gates open and a boat woman holds a baby which cries. Sister Mary tries to comfort it unsuccessfully. More windlass turning and water bubbling on the lock. Sister Mary steps off, the pair leave the lock. She waves.

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