Film: 1835

Transport General | 1960 | Sound | Colour


An impressive opening showing the different parts of the Industry using KLG Plugs for their engines 1960's

First scene is of the Red Arrows flying high and demonstrating their skills.
Power Boats skimming across the water.
Racing or rally cars on a mountain road race. Lots of bends.
00m.49ss:- Mini travelling along a road. Views of the driver inside the car and footage of the car travelling along the road. The young driver enters a village and stops to pick up girl friend who is wearing a fashionable Mini skirt of the 1960s. They kiss in the car and he drives off very fast along country roads.

KLG staff in a room listening to their Chief Engineer. Standing room only.
A presentation by Keith Gough (Chief Engineer-Ignition Products).
The new GP Superplug has been specially designed for the discerning motorist demanding better performance on spark plug performance.
Typical city traffic jam, only a bicycle makes any progress.
Motorway traffic filmed from under a flyover.
Back to the presentation from KLG Engineer where he explains how their spark plugs work within a wide range of temperatures.
Diagrams are shown to help explain.
Back to inner city traffic and a blue mini makes progress along residential city roads.
Explanation given to camera about the GT plug electrodes.
Brief clip of mini on open country road.
Explanation about ceramic insulating material used.
Demonstration testing of Plug in laboratory simulating various traffic conditions. Close-up view of engine passing the stringent regulations to be met before sale to the public. Machine making the electrodes. Machines making the spark plug bodies. Insulators being made, starting with series of milling machines, mixing machines and spray dryers. A machine shop where insulators are moulded from blanks. High speed grinding machine forming blanks. Insulators being fired in a kiln. Ceramic insulators come out the other end of the firing process as high Alumina ceramic. Woman factory worker on a production line. She puts insulators in place for glazing. The glazed items enter a drying chamber before continuing their journey to an electric kiln for firing. Women insert a copper pellet into the insulators, the electrode and terminal pins. Further heating fuses the elements and seals the insulator. An electronic control panel which manages the whole automated process. The insulators are inserted into the body of the plug on a production line. Plug are given electrical test and leakage tests. Gap settings and profile checked. Plugs are packaged in sets of 4.
Back to our young couple in the mini. They have stopped at a petrol station named Hunters Meet, and the girlfriend is looking in the window at a set of spark plugs when her boyfriend approaches and shakes his head. He opens the boot of the mini to show her his Austin engine and his KLG spark plug. They smile, get in the car and drive off at speed.

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