Film: 184

London | 1940 | Silent | B/W


London Commuters and the shopping streets of London 1940's

Commuters rushing in and out of a subway or underground station entrance in London
Commuters getting on and off double decker bus. Newspaper salesman. Piccadilly Circus panning view of the square and advertising. Ads for Gordon’s Gin, Wrigley's “For Vim & Vigour”, Schweppes and Guinness. View of statue of Eros with Criterion sign behind it. Oxford St, overhead view of busy traffic. Man in suit selling bubble blowers. Façade of DH Evans Department Store. Overhead view of buses, man runs to jump on the back of the bus. Regent Street overhead view of traffic. Pedestrian on pavement. Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, a man speaks to the crowd and interacts with his audience. Traffic going around Hyde Park Corner. Marble Arch. Buckingham Palace exterior, traffic passes in front. Flag flying at full mast. View returns to exterior of palace.
Horse drawn procession of King and Queen along the Mall. Crowds of onlookers waving flags.
The Tower of London distant view with Thames in foreground. People wander around the tower’s grounds. The Byward Tower gatehouse. Now used as main entrance for visitors. View up to the Tower of London.
A Beefeater. Waterloo Barracks. The Beauchamp Tower. The Bell Tower, panning view from ground level to the top, scaffolding is visible at the very top. Tower Green, woman stands in front of notice board writing notes on a pad she carries. Close up of sign listing those people executed at Tower Green. Kings House:-Anne Boleyn spent her last days here. The Bloody Tower, close up of sign. View through an arch as people walk through. Courtyard. Traitors Gate. The gate with a sign on it. Film shows original view of the Tower of London from across the Thames.
Whitehall. Nelson’s Column. Overhead view of Trafalgar Square, with fountains working. Close up of lion statue. People feeding pigeons. Traffic and buildings around the square. Horse Guards Parade. Changing of the guard. Sign for Downing Street. View down the street. Door of Number 10. Crowds wait on the pavement. Sir Stafford Cripps (Chancellor 1947-1950) with his red box emerges from 11, Downing St. on Budget day.
The Cenotaph, traffic approaching the camera. Armistice Day service.
Houses of Parliament The Palace of Westminster viewed from the Thames, boat passes in front of camera. Queen Boudicca statue at Westminster Bridge. Westminster Cathedral. Close up of mosaic detail. People leaving the cathedral. St. Pauls Cathedral. Close up of dome. F.D.Roosevelt Statue in Grosvenor Square, viewed from various angles, including close up. St. James's Palace, view with traffic heading towards the palace and clock face in view. Side view of palace. View of colonnaded walkway. Kensington Palace with gardens in foreground. Closer view and a further view from the side. Westminster Abbey, panning view from ground level to the top of the two towers. Queen Mary leaving Westminster Abbey and getting into a waiting car.

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