Film: 1849

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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News from 1941. World War Two

Japanese bomb China. Siege of Tobruk. Nazis overwhelm Greece. Revolt in Iraq quelled by British. British and French troops capture Syria. Crying faces of the French. Children being fed. Bismarck warship is sunk. Atlantic charter. United States in Iceland. U.S.S. ship Keaney disabled. Spitzbergen is destroyed, mines, communication and so on before Nazis invade. Strikes in the United States at North American Aviation Company , strike is broken up. World's biggest bomber. Ship launches. U.S.S. North Carolina is one of 690 naval and merchant ships ordered. The North Carolina is the 'mightiest battleship afloat'. Seaplane scout is launched from a short ramp and flies off from ship. Massive guns firing at various angles and trajectories. A naval officer looking through binoculars. Lighting up the night sky with firing guns. The ship illuminated at night. Battleship viewed from the side. Hitler invades Russia. Battle in the Baltic.

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