Film: 1856

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie film of St. Ives, Cornwall, UK. Good shots of fishing and the coast 1940's

Two shots of a stately home. One shot from a hill, across the bay as a woman walks up the hill. Men sit on benches outside the building which is covered in ivy and the woman walks out of the main entrance as a man enters on crutches. (Possibly a Servicemen's / Invalid's Home?) Another shot of the bay from the top of the hill. The woman walks down a flower and bush-lined path from a house and stops to admire some blooms. Two shots of the harbour and harbour wall. Three shots of a pub on the seafront.

A man stands on the beach painting with an easel in front of him, the woman watches and two children dressed as red Indians run past. Two shots of the sea from the beach. The man walks up a street with the easel folded on his back, between rows of brightly painted houses. A terrace of fisherman's cottages in poor repair. Six shots of houses with washing hung on lines outside their front doors. Two women stand talking at the foot of a hill road, one holds two round loaves of bread, the other a shopping basket, they part and the one with the basket ascends the road. A shabby back street, two small girls walk along the road, one holds a doll. An old man and a small boy in a nappy, stand by a fallen sand castle, the man trickles sand into the child's outstretched hand.

Fisherman carry baskets of fish between the, up from rowing boats on the slip. Two close ups of fish in the baskets. A group of fishermen weigh a case full of fish on a hook hanging from a tripod. A horse and cart stand behind the large group of men with their catch. Two men unhook the case of fish and another writes down the weight in a notebook. Baskets of fish behind the men on the ground. The men hook on another carte full of fish. The scene from above, now two men sit on the cart.

The houses all along the harbour are seen from the beach opposite. Seagulls fly low across the sand. Small rowing boats bow in the quay, camera pans up to show the houses on the quayside and the hill behind. The church nestles between the houses, seen through the masts of small boats on the water. Fishermen work in a larger boat still moored in the harbour, the houses are seen behind. More boats in the harbour. Two shots of the peninsular from across rooftops. Two shots of a crescent shaped deserted beach. Shots of the peninsular from a cliff top. Two shots of the small hill on the peninsular from the road behind the beach. Anther shot of the hill from the beach.

The waves lap on the seaweed and sand, pans out to the sea. Four shots of the front of houses. Waves crash on rocks. Three fishermen stand talking in front of a two storey lighthouse. Camera follows a red van (probably postal) along the quayside. The fishermen mend their nets in front of the lighthouse. A policeman directs a man in front of a row of houses. The camera pans from the harbour wall round to the boats. The church tower is seen above the rooftops of the town. Another shot of the edge of the beach.

Yellow toned stock - The lighthouse is seen as part of the sea wall. Small trawlers with the houses behind, four shots moving around the bay. Three shots of rocks in the sea. The beaches and the peninsular are seen from above. The headland stretches down to the sea with a few houses dotted on it. The same place from further back shows the beach at the foot of the hill. Shot of the beach with the harbour wall in front. Seven shots of seagulls balancing on railings in front of the beach. Two shots of washing hanging on lines outside houses. Part of the town seen from a grassy cliff-top. A fisherman tidies up on a trawler moored amongst others on the beach. A steam engine passes a corner of beach in front of a hill. A man carries a model galleon out of his front door and places it on the lawn with a model of a Viking rowboat and other ships. A woman stands by the edge of the hill overlooking the bay. Two shots of the beach and the town behind from the stately home. Houses on the edge of the rocks lead down to the sea.

A milkman carries a crate of milk bottles up a street lined with houses on either side, he places a bottle on a doorstep and takes away an empty one. A trawler is seen in the harbour, ready to leave. A group of men talk to the man in the trawler on the beach. Two larger boats are moored in front of the harbour wall. Two more shots of the moored boats. Seagulls circle the water with the taller lighthouse in the distance. The same lighthouse is seen from the beach through the masts of the boats. The railway track curves round the side of the hill.

Join. Back to the blue tinted film - camera pans round from the beach to the end of the peninsular. A cow eats grass on the edge of the cliff with a cove below. The headland is seen behind the beach, with the town behind again. Farmland stretches down to the sea.

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