Film: 1857

Natural History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Moose Hunting in New Brunswick, Canada and fishing in Oregon, 1930's.

Two men walk out of a cabin in a forest and get into a canoe. They wear hunting boots and hats. One carries a gun and the other carries an axe. They sail down river and moor at the side of the bank. One hunter stands and blows through a horn (moose call). He points at a moose to his friend and the moose starts making his escape. They get off the boat and go over to a dead moose which they have presumably shot and shake hands. They carry the moose's head back to the boat.
Intertitle - "Sandy River, Oregon. Fishing for Smelts". On a snowy surface, two fishermen behind a wind shield fish for smelts in a small hole they have made in the ice. A man with a big net catches lots of fish in a rapid river and he piles them into a large container. Close-up of the wriggling fish in a file. They are small silvery marine fish.
Intertitle - "Wilderness of Arizona"
Tall rocky mountains, a man on a horse crosses a rope and wooden plank bridge.

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