Film: 1870

Personalities | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Pat O'Brien at the Radio Star microphone in the Embassy Club Room introduces a glimpse of Hollywood nightlife; Procession of stars; dance band; Crowning of Mary Pickford as 'Queen Mary.' 1930's

Pat O'Brien introduces Delores del Rio, Conrad Nagel and Ivan Levenham (?). Couples pass the camera while seated in decorated carts: Genevieve ? And unidentified male, Robert Montgomery and Red Skelton, Elissa Landi and Warner Baxter, unidentified female and husband Harry Bannister, William Powell and Richard ?
Some of the stars speak a few words into the Radio Star microphone. Warner Baxter introduces Elisa Landi. Both say a few words. Pat O'Brien introduces "three Hollywood musketeers - Robert Montgomery, Reginald Denny and Leo Corrillo (?). All three say a few words.
Shots of stars dining and dancing at the Embassy Club Room. Dance Band plays "Now that I need you, you're gone." Conducted by composer Harold ? Dancing couples include unidentified female and Hugh Trevor, Billie Dove and unidentified male, Walter Huston and unidentified female.
The hostess (?) introduces herself to a seated couple (names not clear on sound track).
Mary Pickford sitting on throne is crowned "Queen Mary- the first Queen of the Arts." The crown is handed to her and she places it on her head. She make a speech commanding her subject s " to be joyous and gay and let our court be a merry one."
Barbara Weeks answers fan requests written to "Miss Information." (Try pun on "misinformation"). Sits at a table microphone. She introduces "televised" images. Although fake this film attempts to promote television. "Televised" image of Douglas Fairbanks Senior selling first ticket to a new theatre. Children buying tickets with the moral message that the man buys for the woman. Douglas Fairbanks with an axe opens the doors to the new theatre. Joan Blondell is made an honorary member of the Hollywood Motorcycle Club. "Miss Information" signs off.
Pat O'Brien signs off.

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