Film: 1873

Politics | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Communist China in the early 1960's or possibly late 1950's; Chairman Mao (Mao Tse-Tung, Mao Zi-Dong)

Foreign Delegates; Chinese industrial plant; Countryside museum to military (communist) campaign and current young militia; An older looking Mao with delegates and officials; Peking (Beijing) with 'Red Guards' writing political slogans?
Chinese meeting room. Interior shot of Mao being introduced to foreign, possibly Russian, delegates. Mao moves from one individual to another shaking hands and exchanging brief pleasantries. Mao leaves the room and delegates follow.
Mao seated in armchair with Chinese interpreter standing behind. Mao removes cigarettes from pack and offers them to delegates seated either side of him: only one person accepts! Shot of Mao smiling and looking relaxed. Close up shot of Mao smoking with his right hand. Raises his left hand and makes the V sign with his fingers - meaning 'two' or victory ?
Close up profiles of a couple of delegates. Final shot of Mao and delegates (about 6). Shows table with ceramic tankards (cups or beakers) for tea.
Pan shot of heavy industry plant: generator construction? Engineers with clipboard standing next to large revolving fly-wheel. General shot of workers (both make and female) constructing turbines?. Close up of fins. Welder squatting on length of cylinder (20 feet by 3 feet) as he welds. Bundle of metal rods and tubes handguided into cylinder. Close up and distant shot of rods supported by factory crane.
Mountainous region of China with pan shot of walled compound. Autumn or winter scene - no leaves on trees. Saloon car outside main brick building. Close up of board above main double doors giving name of institution in 11 or 12 characters. Inside the building a man descends steps into basement. It is a museum to a military victory or armed struggle, possibly connected with Mao's 'Long March' in the 1930's: display of pictures, rifles and topographic model of the region with miniature figures. Exterior shot of visitors through cleft in rock. Long distance shot of compound showing mountain backdrop and river. Pan 180 degrees along river to dirt road entering village.
A dozen girls and boys in double row dressed in simple peasant military fatigues standing to attention with rifles. Target practice lying on stomach.
Mao entering meeting room and shaking hands with more foreign delegates. Seated with female interpreter. Foreigners to Mao's left and Chinese officials to his right. Brief shot of possibly Premier Chou En-Lai (Zhou En-Lai) shaking hands with head of foreign delegation.
Multi-storied government building, hotel or store in Peking (Beijing)? The Red Star symbol, possibly a rigid flag, on a mast on the roof of the building. Pan to street-level with people milling about. Young people squatting on pavement writing slogans on large sheets of paper. Probably 'Red Guard' (Mao's fanatical young revolutionary followers and zealots of the Cultural Revolution). Close up of inscribed arm-band on one of the writers. The 'Red Guards' paste up the slogans above building doorways while the crowd looks on.

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