Film: 188

London | 1940 | Sound | Colour


A tour around London 1940's

River Thames Docks. Tower bridge. Tower of London. Traitors gate, St Pauls cathedral, Panoramic view across London from the balcony. Bomb damage to buildings, Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square, St Martins in the fields, National Gallery, People feeding the pigeons. Buckingham palace. Piccadilly Circus, flower seller in front of poster for "Hamlet" which was released in 1948.

Excellent shots of docklands, and the London docks along the River Thames, cranes up in the air and the cargo ship either moored or passing by, Pool of London, with Tower Bridge. Closer shot of Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge and then the Tower of London. The beefeaters of the Tower of London giving directions and tours. Traitor's Gate. A woman takes a picture of one of the warders.
St. Paul's seen over the rooftops of the city. The dome of St. Paul's. From the dome of St. Paul's, looking down on the West End and the city, lots of burned or bombed out buildings still visible. A foggy view from the top of St. Paul's to Westminster. The Houses of Parliament. The entrance to Westminster bridge with traffic coming and going over it. Westminster Abbey with tourists and government officers. Nelson's column in Trafalgar square and St. Martin in the Fields. A profile of one of the famous lions, with St. Martin's spire in the background. The National Gallery, pigeons flying over the square. People feeding pigeons, lots of children and an old man. Buckingham Palace, looking rather blackened with smoke or dirt. Taxis on the Mall. Aerial view of Piccadilly circus. Busy Piccadilly, with lots of adverts including one for Olivier's film of Hamlet (1948). The Eros statue on the top of the fountain. Flower seller with flowers, good shots but people keep passing between us and her. Lots of double deckers and lots of taxis.

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