Film: 1881

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Halifax in Yorkshire 1940's

Panoramic view. In the morning the men walk to work. A dog lifts its leg on a lamp post. Heavily laden lorry crosses a Bridge. To the mill, a boy walks towards mills with chimneys and smoke. The backs of the houses meet across the alley ways, washing hangs on the line in the back yards. Mothers and children hang out the washing. Scrubbing the washing. Scrubbing the front door step and a step ladder. Working at the mill. Needlework. " Perching " spotting faults in the cloth on the loom. The combing and pressing room. Looms. Cloth into bales. Boy carries jug. Checks labels. Children playing in the cobbled street on a go-cart, pulls other boy off cart. Go-kart made of a board nailed to some old pram wheels.

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