Film: 1884

War + Military | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Spanish American War real and faked mexican war with American 1900's

Tending the wounded. Battle of Manila Bay filmed with model boats and firecrackers. Return of veterans marching up Fifth Avenue in New York. Dewey's Flagship in dry dock.

Soldiers melodramatically fighting hand to hand combat, lots of American flags being waved. Spanish sodliers in white uniforms stomping on injured American soldiers. A nurse in a white headress tends to injured soldiers beside American flag. A doctor comes to help the nurse, he pours one of the men a drink of water, the priest comes to give the last Sacraments, puffs of smoke signify cannonball explosions.
A faked naval battle. Smoke signals exlosions of the shis guns, the ship shoots at the fort on the cliffs, and the fort fires back. One of the ships sinks.
Parade of Veterans of the Spanish American War in formation walk down fifth avenue, New York.

Dewey's Flagship in dry dock after the vicory at manilla bay. Men suspended over the side of the ship painting the sides.

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