Film: 1891

Dance | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Jive dancing in the 1950's. Dance competition.

A large hall with a stage and an audience watching. The back of the stage is draped with curtains and to the side and Christmas Tree with light. On the stage a number of dancing couples rigorously jive. Close-up of one dancing couple. He has a number on his back and she wears a white shirt and tight black trousers. Other dancing couples similarly dressed in the background and a judge sitting at a table watching the dancers. Head and shoulders close-ups of several couples. A man in the audience gets to his feet and goes wild. There are several jiving or jitter bugging couples who are very acrobatic with over the shoulder jumps and turns. There is one black couple. Lots of really good dancing and amazing turns from three of four couples. Our wild audience man now bangs a chair on the stage in ecstasy.

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