Film: 1896

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


The adventures of a white terrier that escapes to the country, 1920s.

Close-up of a white terrier dog, who starts narrating his life to the audience (through the intertitles). We find out that the dog was born in a Long Island kennel. We see a female dog - the terrier's mother - feeding her puppies. The terrier says how his mother was taken away from them shortly after, so the puppies had to depend on milk supplied by the kennel keeper's cow. Puppies drinking milk from a plate. When the terrier grew up, it was sent to a New York shop to be sold. Terrier playing in a room with other dogs. Even though the terrier's price was too high for most people to afford it, a rich dowager came in the shop one day and picked it - instead of a Pekinese that was her original intention. The dowager asks the owner of the shop to show her all the dogs - one by one - and decides to buy the terrier. According to the terrier, though, his life with the dowager was not good at all, as he didn't have any outdoors life - despite being fed quite well. We see the terrier sitting on a car next to the dowager. Unsatisfied with the city life, the dog thinks of a plan on how to escape back to the country, where it belongs. The plan is executed with success, as we see the dog escaping from the house when the maid opens the door to an officer. The freed dog runs in the streets of the city. The terrier, thrilled with its new life, plays in the grass and walks along a stream. The dog comes upon a waterfall and sits there for a while to enjoy this glorious spectacle. A bit further on, the terrier walks through a fallen log, which leads to a charming brook. Next, the terrier enjoys the view of the blue sky, the clouds and the sun. The dog then, tired from this adventure, decides to rest in a daisy field next to some cows that were having their meal. After getting up, the terrier meets a male puppy in a nearby summer hotel and they play together. After staying in the hotel overnight, the terrier decides to race on again, this time towards a beautiful mountain stream. A squirrel then grabs the attention of the dog, who sits under the squirrel's tree and stares at it for a while. Being very hungry by this point, the terrier gets fed by a couple that lived in a summer cabin; after finding out, though, that they come from the city, the dog runs away once again. After cooling off for a while in the bank of a brook, the dog follows two kids. Pretty tired from another "full" day, the dog falls to sleep, as the sun was setting back of a farm house.

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