Film: 1897

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Puritan Family Of New England historical reconstruction of life for the early settlers. America 1950's

A boy comes out of a wooden clapboard house with a yoke over his shoulders, he steadies the buckets with his hands. He wears a belted tunic. His mother is in the house, cooking breakfast. She wears a white cap on her head and a plain dress with a huge white collar. Two young girls in big floppy white bonnets make up a bead and push the trundle bed under the big bed. The father, wearing a tall black Puritan hat, brings wood in fro the fire. He lays a log on the fire (he is also wearing stockings) and blows the fire with a set of bellows. The girls, the younger is named Patience, help their mother cook. Isaac, the boy come sin the front door with the water. His father helps him take the buckets off. The family gathers around the table for breakfast. Giles, the father bows his head in prayer. Giles dishes out the gruel.
Isaac and Giles leave, both with their tall puritan hats on, Giles takes his gun for hunting. Isaac takes a bag with his lunch in it. They pass the village well where a woman is pouring water out, they part and Isaac heads to school and Giles goes into the bush. Giles waves at a man who is cutting up a tree in the forest.
Patience is put in a corner on a hard chair with a tract around her neck. It has the Lord's Prayer on it. She pouts, not happy to be stuck in the corner. Mercy and her mother carry the washing to the stream to do the family's wash. Isaac digs clams on the seashore with a basket and shovel, his trouser rolled up to his knees. Isaac looks around on the beach, and skips stones on the shore. Isaac picks corn in the field. The mother and Mercy, make soap on an outdoor fire. Isaac brings the corn and Patience shucks it. Giles returns with Minogi, a 'friendly Indian', and brace of wild turkey. Minogi pours dried corn out of a small sack into the mother's hands. Mercy puts an iron pan on the fire and minogi pours some of the dried corn into the pan. A lid is put on. Popping corn is made, early popcorn. Samuel stuffs some popcorn into his mouth.
Mother makes candles. She dips them in melted tallow and builds them layer by layer. She cuts off the top wick. Mercy cards some wool with carding paddles. Patience practices weaving on a small loom. Isaac and Giles work animals skins to be use as winter clothes. Giles reaches for the gun over the door as he gets up to answer the door. A fisherman comes visiting, he brings a fish as a present. Mother washes and salts the fish to use it for a later meal. The family gathers around the fireplace to listen to father read the bible.

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