Film: 190

Road Transport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


History of the omnibus in London 1930's

People dressed in period dress in front of bus. The 'knifeboard' omnibus, 1850 stills of bus and costumes. 'Garden Seat' omnibus 1880 stills of bus and costumes. B-type omnibus 1910. Still of bus. People in period dress. K-type, 1919 (still), NS Type 1923, (still), LS Omnibus, 1927 (still). Omnibus centenary procession, 4 July 1929. Shots of buses old and new, crowds pass the Law Courts and horse drawn buses amid carts and cyclists. View of passengers on top of open topped horse bus. Motorized buses. People climbing off bus helped by conductor. Top hats and tails, and flowery hats and crinoline dresses. Buses shown in service for centenary. General views of horse drawn omnibuses. Horse being harnessed to bus.

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